Through storytelling and relationship building, we raise our clients to rock star status within their communities.

Consistently making
the right impression is the difference between
a transaction and a relationship.

Media Training
You’ve gotten the call from a national news outlet with a request for an interview. Now what? Be prepared to engage with media to tell your story confidently and compellingly. This training helps you develop your messages and gives your team serious batting practice to rehearse and troubleshoot possible interview snafus.

Spokesperson Training
Your own employees and stakeholders are your best PR agents. With you in mind, we will train a select group of individuals to share your messages proactively and to handle media requests. Build a group of ambassadors who represent you, because they are you.

Issues and Crisis Management
No one puts a crisis on their calendar. But being prepared for one will make the difference between your business being resilient during an unexpected event and being on the firing line with no ammunition. We’ll walk your team through the necessary steps to create a comprehensive crisis plan, help your organization identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and potential threats, and take you through a full-scale crisis drill if desired.

Social Media Workshops
If you aren’t ready to evolve, be prepared to go the way of the dinosaurs. Social media is the next step in the evolution of marketing, and we offer a library of workshops to help you maintain your rock star status. All workshops are customized to meet each client’s needs and skill level.

Platform-Specific Workshops
Intrigued by Instagram? Fascinated with Facebook? Beguiled by blogs? If you want to focus on mastering a specific platform, we’ll provide you with the training and strategy to strike a chord with your audience and keep them listening.

Rock star status.